Kèn Harmonica Blues Session Antique 10201CANTIQ

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Kèn Diatonic Harmonica Blues Session Antique- Seydel
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Diatonic harp with plastic comb and stainless steel covers – available in many keys from LD to HA and many special tunings

Very smoothly shaped harmonica – ideal for beginners!

• Rounded Plastic body with recessed reedplates

• Brass reedplates, 1.0 mm thick, screwed

• Ergonomically shaped covers in 2 variations: Chrome or Antique

• 20 keys from LD to high A

• Many additional special tunings

• Available with fully configurable note layout

The Richter C-Variant is part of our Soundcheck Vol. 1: Blues Beginner Pack.

Phí vận chuyển: 30,000

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